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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join in this fast money making method? 

Please click the above button and select your country while registering your account. Not listed there! See the FAQ section below or click the 2nd button.

Am I eligible to join in this program? 

You must be 18 or 18+ older in order to participate. 

How much money I can make per hour? 

Note this system is kind of "Push and play game", but you need to play safely. Please read my bonus section to know more so you can earn fast without losing a penny. (Did you bookmark this site, if not please do so)

How much do I need to deposit? 

I highly recommend to start with at-least $65-$100 or equivalent to 65 Euros. Because safety ratio is very important here. 

Can I withdraw my earnings anytime? 

Yes, you can request your earnings any day, anytime and will be approved as early as possible. In general, withdrawal process will take up to 3 working days, in some cases you get your payment within 24 hours. 

I am from USA, can I join? 

Unfortunately, this site don't allow US residents. Don't worry, I do have similar sites that accepts US residents and also using same software. Click here to register if your country wasn't listed. Need help! You can contact me via my email at "DVAPASSIVEINCOME2017@GMAIL.COM". Send me an email in the subject line as " Need help on CASINO". (You can also use VPN to register). 

Can I create multiple accounts in one site? 

Don't ever do that. I do have 4 websites that uses the same casino software, so contact me for more information. You can make money with all the sites simultaneously but don't create multiple accounts please.

How long should I have to work/play with these sites? 

You should not exceed not more than particular amount of time but you can login and play anytime. No time restriction!, I'll provide 3 important tips for you. This offer is only for my premium members. Not for the free members. 

What are the bonuses you offer? 

No software download, No PDF file, No E-book or anything BS. I'll share with you what you should do in order to maximize your income in just simple 3 steps (proven tips to double your income). Must and should for all people who want to earn money with this system. (Did you bookmark this site, if not please do so)

I am from other country, what to do? How currency works! 

You should deposit that is equivalent to 65 euros. Simply convert this amount into your currency and go with it. Need help, just write me an email so I can guide you as quick as possible. 

How many accounts can I create? 

Please don't create more than one account, if you do so your account will get banned during the payout time. 

What are the best options to deposit money? 

You can use the following methods such as Debit card, Credit card, Skrill, Ecopayz or anything similar methods. (Did you bookmark this site, if not please do so).

How do i find the same software that you are showing?

Create an account there and click on Games =>>Roulette =>> French Roulette. That's it.

How many members can join in this program worldwide? 

There is no limit because I'm not the owner of these sites, however, I'll share this techniques up to first 250 people only. I don't want to share this formula to all because they (site) may fix this loophole. So hurry up!

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